Unlock the Power of
Seamless Therapeutic Management

EasyPractice Professional is your all-in-one solution, meticulously designed to simplify and elevate your therapeutic practice. Tailored for therapists and clinics, this comprehensive package integrates four essential business tools, offering unparalleled efficiency and value.

Key Features Included

Mobile Responsive
Customizable presentation website that perfectly adapts to mobile devices. Establish a professional online presence without effort.
Automated Booking
Enterprise-level booking system for an exceptional customer experience. Boost efficiency without altering your existing workflow.
Therapeutic Notes
A cutting-edge application for real-time note-taking. Chronological order for easy tracking and accessibility. Searching by therapist and keywords.
Patients Catalogue &
Therapists Catalogue
Streamlined management with intuitive catalogues for therapists and patients. Effortless organization to enhance the client experience.

Your Business

Professional Booking Experience
Provide your customers with a smooth, enterprise-level booking experience. Project a professional and trustworthy image for your business.
Efficiency Redefined
Accomplish more with less effort using the note-taking application. Email and SMS reminders for customers and employees, ensuring optimal scheduling.
Streamlined Workflow
Accomplish more with less effort using the note-taking application. Email and SMS reminders for customers and employees, ensuring optimal scheduling.
Assessment Forms
Utilize assessment forms with 26 customizable questions about patient health. Send forms to patients via email for online completion before appointments, or use touch-enabled tablets for in-person completion.

Why Choose
EasyPractice Professional?

Single Payment, No Subscription
Enjoy all these features for the price of one, with no recurring fees.
Easy Setup
Initial setup on your own domain and hosting, with 30 days of included support.
No training needed. Intuitive design for seamless navigation.
Tailor the system to meet your unique needs with an easy-to-use administrator panel.
Latest Technology
Built using cutting-edge technology, modern design, and enhanced user experience techniques.
Discover a new era of therapeutic practice with EasyPractice Professional. Elevate your workflow, enhance your client interactions, and unlock the potential for business growth. Simplify, streamline, and succeed with our comprehensive solution.

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Client reviews

Christian has been very helpful.

I’m not very tech savvy and he was very patient , the system has lots of good functions and gives me everything my business needs , note taking, client information and system reminders with no heavy costs.

Highly recommended

Wendy S.
Bown Therapist
I got this as a note taking app for my clinic. It has been a game changer for all our therapists to cross reference our clients. It then grew and has become the ultimate clinic management system. In my 4 years of using it has been faultless and “glitchless" !

It is a booking app, client note system, business website and a client directory , ALL IN ONE.

The best thing is that it is a one off payment rather than a painful monthly payment. You buy it and have it. Which after u invest in a note system you don't want to change so a one off payment worked perfectly for me.

Can't recommend it enough!

Phil Steward
Instructor - Assessment Led Bodywork